About us


1994 – Establishment of JSC "Concern AVEC and Co"

1996 – Foundation of Barabashovo wholesale and retail shopping center

1997 – Opening of the first supermarket in Kharkiv

1998 – AVEC starts managing three largest traditional markets in Kharkiv

1999 – Start of media business. Vremya newspaper

2001 – Construction of architectural prize winning new company office building in Kharkiv

2004 – Launch of modern real estate development. Strategy launch of 3 projects in Kharkiv: Portal, Platinum Plaza, AVE Plaza 

2006 – Completion of Portal project

2009 – SC Barabashovo is acknowledged to be 14th largest shopping park in the world

2009 – Opening of Platinum Plaza office and shopping center

2011 – Opening of a new large wholesale trade section in Barabashovo shopping center

2013 – Opening of Capital. Vremya – business news and analytics web-portal