Business areas

Media business

Development of media-communicational direction of business is one of strategic goals of Concern AVEC. Activity in this field is carried on since 1999. 

The portfolio of media-assets of AVEC includes diversified “Vremya” media-company that is represented with a line of printed products for different audiences. The single total number of copies in existing press-holding is over 70 thousands. 

Besides the printed products, the media-company has a number of specialized internet products and specialized center of media-communicational services. 

The short-time plans of the company implement opening of a media-center that has no analogues in the region. Comfortable conditions for journalists, possibility for holding media events of any type and complexity, location in one of the highest status business center in Kharkiv – all of these will give definite competitive advantages to the media-center. 

The strategy of Concern AVEC in media-sphere is directed on creation of a media-holding that unites printed, electronic and service products targeted on different audiences.