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Concern AVEC was awarded by Finance committee of Ukrainian Parliament

Source: “Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine” newspaper dated 12.10.2011

Concern AVEC was awarded by Ukrainian Parliament’s Committee in finance, banking, tax and customs policy for active participation in the Ukrainian program "The tax system of Ukraine: dialogue of government and society." 

“In Ukraine today is became popular to talk about corporate social responsibility. Sadly, the deal seldom goes beyond the talks and many companies replace the concept of social responsibility by imaginary not costly activities aimed at minor issues. While the real social responsibilities of business starts with the culture of a taxpayer. Awareness of responsibility not only for the welfare of own company and its employees, but also for public sector employees, retired, disabled people and orphans, will let us all count upon dramatic changes in Ukraine” – said  Boris Feldman, the Chairman of the Board of Founders of Concern AVEC.