Business areas

Platinum Plaza

PLATINUM PLAZA is the European level office and shopping center situated in historic and business center of the city of Kharkov. The building can be proud of its extraordinary outstanding architecture and has a special place among all modern commercial objects. Being located at the “first line” of Sumskaya Str. near the main square of Kharkov it is a real facade of the city.

PLATINUM PLAZA combines shopping gallery, business center of B+ class, cozy and comfortable patio, underground parking and all corresponding elements of infrastructure.

Retail part is located on the first floor, it friendly meets all visitors and guests on Sumskaya Str. and welcomes them to take a walk into magnificent patio. Here all shops are located around the maze of sculptures, animated fountain, stylish lounge café and the place for hosting open-air exhibitions, concerts and other social events. Also, there are entrance to popular “AVEC” fine arts gallery, direct walk to Mironositskaya Str. and ways to guest and underground parking lots.

Business center is located on floors 2-6. Lobby zone is situated inside of shopping gallery and is connected with lounge café. There are various open-space premises in the business center that can be planned and used the most comfortable way. Conference-hall and business restaurant are internal parts of the business center, these objects are located on the third floor and face Sumskaya Str.

Office and shopping center is equipped with the highly modern multizone systems of ventilation and air conditioning. The building has high-speed fiber-optic and telecommunication networks of high capacity. The system of security and selective access to different premises is developed on the highest level. Engineering systems of the building are integrated into the system of automatic dispatching. All upgraded automated technologies and systems allow to efficiently operate the work of the building and to save 40% on utilities.

PLATINUM PLAZA – is the office and shopping center that is designed for high status companies that value the high level of the object, its comfort and public image. We offer our partners the freedom of choice, the freedom of implementation of their conceptions and decisions, and the chance to make highly efficient business in our center.