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Proud and remember: outstanding Israelis with Ukrainian roots

Proud and remember: outstanding Israelis with Ukrainian roots


The "AVEC" Gallery together with the Israeli Cultural Center in Kharkov within the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine invites you to visit a unique exhibition "The Way to a Dream: the Contribution of Natives of Ukraine in the Creation of the State of Israel." The exhibition is dedicated to the Day of Independence of the State of Israel. The exhibition consists of posters that tell about people who were born or lived on the Ukrainian land, were important in the creation and history of the State of Israel. All of these outstanding Israelis are connected with Ukraine, as in Ukraine began the journey of life.

The exhibition organizers say that Ukraine has long been a focal point of one-third of all European Jewry. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, the territory of modern Ukraine resided of 2.6 million. Jews. In Ukraine, religious shrines are saved the Jewish people. It goes back a whole galaxy of philosophers, artists, religious and political figures who were imporyant in revival of Jewish nation, in the formation of  political idea of Zionism, which the State of Israel is based on.

Most of the heroes of this exhibition, voluntarily or under pressure of circumstances, overflowing with joy or sadness and anger, left homes, streets and cities of their childhood to become a heroes, leaders, symbols of greatness of the Promised Land’s spirit.

Of particular note were posters dedicated to social and political activity of Golda Meir, Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Joseph Trumpeldor.

Official opening is taking place on April 29 at 18:00 at Sumskaya str., 70, the “AVEC” Gallery. The exhibition will be opened by the second secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine Nelly Shulman. The representatives of regional and municipal authorities, of the diplomatic corps of Kharkov and public organizations as well as educational institutions are invited.

Please note that for a free visit the exhibition will be open from April 30 to May 11, 2015. We invite everyone to visit the exhibition.

"AVEC" Gallery opens daily without breaks and weekends from 10.00 to 22.00.


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