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Shopping center Barabashovo

Shopping center Barabashovo Project parameters

Year of foundation1996
Total area75 ha
GLA320 000 m2
Number of shops18 000
Parking5 000 cars

General information

Barabashovo shopping center is the largest wholesale and retail trade center in Ukraine. According to the research of “Delo” newspaper in 2009, Barabashovo is the 14th largest object of such type in the world. It is a dynamically growing city inside the city that provides comfortable shopping premises to its tenants and modern infrastructure and services to its visitors.

Total area of the shopping center is over 75 hectares, over 17 000 stores are located here. Wide range of goods, moderate prices and comfortable location – all these factors define the popularity of Barabashovo among the customers: residents of nearly all regions of Ukraine and neighbor countries.

The concept and development strategy of Barabashovo shopping center was elaborated by AVEC more than 19 years ago, but even today they are considered to be a prime example of successful business planning, having initiated creation of other similar projects, implemented by AVEC.

Shopping center Barabashovo united tens of thousands of domestic and foreign businesses, creating jobs and providing opportunities to earn income for thousands of Ukrainian families.

Due to dynamic development of Barabashovo, expansion of the range of services, improvement of their quality and development of infrastructure, shopping center Barabashovo is considered to be one of the most perspective and investment attractive projects of Concern AVEC.

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