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"Vremya" newspaper

Vremya (The Time – Rus.) newspaper – is the only daily public and political newspaper in Kharkiv region. This is one of the oldest prints in the region (the first copy was published on January 10, 1938) and has leading positions in number of copies and quotability of the newspaper. 

Vremya newspaper is an anchor periodical of “Vremya” media-company. Professional team of journalists and exacting reader are two main summands of the newspaper’s success. 

Keeping traditional format of public and political newspapers, Vremya was started publishing in color in 2011. The line of special printed additions targeted on different group of readers was significantly expanded. 

Vremya newspaper is a constant initiator of round tables, on-line conferences and debate clubsconcerning social, economic and humanitarian problems of the region. 

Print-event-multimedia site – are the three vectors of perspective development of the newspaper. 

Internet-portal of Vremya newspaper –